Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shelby & Caleb

I spent the past weekend in Fredericksburg, VA with my sister, Shelby, and her fiance, Caleb. Mostly the visit consisted of setting up their new town house, but on the last day we were able to have a little bit of fun shooting some engagement portraits for their wedding in July 2011. They plan on coming to Detroit in a few weeks and we'll do some more pics then, but this was a really fun start.

Downtown Fredericksburg is so great. Lots of great places to take pictures. Caleb is a civil war buff so we always get a much needed history lesson when we visit. The pictures here were taken at Riverby Books on Caroline Street and at the Fredericksburg Battlefield.


  1. So beautiful!! I love that Shelby always is sporting a huge smile!!

  2. I LOVE them, Sis! You're the best!